Friday, January 29, 2010

Tribest FreshLife Automatic Sprouter

One way to stick to healthy New Year's Resolutions is to simply add sprouts to your diet.  They are little powerhouses of nutrition and with this FreshLife automatic sprouter from Tribest, it's easy. In the past I've wanted to eat sprouts on a regular basis, but when I'd buy them in the store, they'd go bad so fast I often ended up throwing them out before I could eat them all.  This sprouter changes all that.  Because of the continual water supply going to the sprouts, you can harvest right out of the sprouter and have fresh sprouts any time you want.

All you do is put the seeds on the tray--there are four separate sections for easily dividing different types of seeds (I have been using broccoli and alfalfa seeds), put the second tray on top to protect the seeds (this you remove after about two days when the seeds begin to sprout), put the lid on top and plug it in.  That's it.

You change the water every 24-48 hours and within just a few days you have fresh sprouts.  You don't have to keep rinsing the seeds, the sprouter does it for you with it's built in sprinkler system.  I learned that if you want the sprouts to turn green, you can remove the lid and they will green very quickly.   The sprouter is expandable and there is an optional secondary tray so you can double your crop if desired.  But it's a Big thing, so be sure to measure for your space.

The FreshLife sprouter enables you to have constant access to fresh organic greens, including wheat grass, year round. It's a convenient way to enjoy the flavor and health benefits of sprouts.  Broccoli sprouts, for instance, contain high levels of a powerful anti-carcinogen called sulphoraphane.  The sprouts contain up to 100 times more sulphoraphane than the mature broccoli plant.  It's wonderful to just be able to grab a handful any time you want and toss it into your salad.  Find it HERE.


Antony Heaven said...

I've got one of these and it's great :-)

Eco Mama said...

I know, right? I'm loving it.
Eco Mama

The EcoDiva said...

This looks amazing...I'll have to try it ;)

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by Eco Diva.
Eco Mama

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