Wednesday, February 17, 2010

High Raw Detox Day 11-13 and Fridge Audit

I have not posted my detox diary for a couple of days but I am still going strong.  How many times can I show you pictures of sweet potatoes and salad with avocado??
This is what I am eating.  Every day.  Green juice, salads with avo and lemon, and sweet potatoes with coconut oil.  Surprisingly, I'm not getting bored with it, it's actually quite satisfying.  I am still having moments of fogginess and weakness but it's getting better each day.  To avoid repetition, I think I will report my detox food weekly as opposed to daily so that you can see more of a variety of food, how's that?
One last picture of my new mainstay and check out this tiny avocado, it's so cute (hopefully you can tell the scale here, it would fit in the palm of my hand).
And for something different,  here is a fridge audit--it's always fun to see inside other people's refrigerators, right?  Organic delivery came today, so it's pretty well stocked.


bitt said...

I can eat certain things over and over and not get tired of them. So I get it. My husband eats a lot of sweet potatoes or squash and salad. must be good!

love how much produce you've got!

Eco Mama said...

Me too, there's a tipping point and then you start craving it. But--it can go the other way too. I can't have Swiss chard smoothies anymore for that very reason, I had too many and hit that point, now I can't touch them. That won't happen with salads though.
Eco Mama

Anonymous said...

These meals looks so delicious- And I sure wish my fridge was stocked like that!

I'm sorry for not commenting/responding to your email- I'm just overwhelmed with things I want to say and having trouble organizing them. In sum, I just want to thank you for your thoughtful message, and I can't even put to words how much I appreciate your kindness and support. Thanks for reading. :)

Mary said...

Tat's how my fridge looks in summer, and I love it! I have a few meals I never get sick of, but they tend to be starch comfort foods, like rice with Earth Balance and salt, or toast with almond butter.

Also, I'm back from New York, and I didn't make it to Pure Food And Wine this time. There were so many awesome vegan places to get to, plus revisiting our old favorite restaurants from 5 years ago when we were living there (none of which were good to me now, by the way). Next time!

Anonymous said...

I can eat the same salad for a week ☺ and even more!

Your fridge looks delicious!

I am Glad to hear that you are doing great ☺


Eco Mama said...

bittersweet: I've missed you! And likewise!

Mary: Loved your New York stories and photos. I'd so love to vegan restaurant hop!

HippieMom: Thank you so much for your support on this cleanse, it really makes a difference to be cheered on.

Eco Mama

Sheena LaShay said...

Your fridge looks like heaven. so proud of the detox you are doing. I think you are doing a great job and its encouraging!

Eco Mama said...

Sly! So nice to see you here. I've missed you out here on the blogosphere! Thank you for your encouragement.
Eco Mama