Friday, February 5, 2010

High Raw Detox Day 1

Recently I had the pleasure of reading two of Natalia Rose's books, Raw Life Force Energy and Detox 4 Women.  I was so inspired that I wanted to embark on her cleanse, however I felt I needed support.  After going to Natalia's website, I found the contact information of her protoge, Ana Ladd-Griffin and got in touch with her. She is warm and encouraging, knowledgeable and very down to earth.  I will be working with Ana through the next few weeks as she coaches me along this cleanse.  Ana helped me get started and has made me feel as though I have support and someone rooting for me, it's a huge comfort.  If you would like to reach Ana, you may do so at

For the course of the next few weeks, I will share with you my journey by posting my food intake and relevant information.  I'm filled with excitement and also a little trepidation.  I'm exuberant over the prospect of feeling better and having more energy.  I'm a little bit scared (I don't know why exactly), but I am going to do this.  If anyone else is doing this, I would Love to hear from you!  If anyone wants to join me, welcome!  Here we go, day one.

                                          Morning wake up:
Lemon and warm water with a little stevia.

Mid morning:
Green juice consisting of broccoli stalks, lemon, spinach, celery and carrots and a tiny dash of stevia.  Normally I put apples or pears in my juice, but no fruit for now.  The stevia added that slight sweetness I wanted.   I almost forgot to take a picture!

Lunch:  Big Salad with carrots, cucumber and a smashed avocado with lemon, salt and stevia, sweet potato with just a smidgeon of coconut butter, salt and pepper.

I was so full after this I thought I couldn't possibly be hungry again later, but around four I felt like my blood sugar was dropping.  You know that irritable slightly shaky state?  (blood tests have shown there is nothing wrong with my sugar levels but...).  So I had four squares of dark chocolate while another sweet potato was baking.  

Dinner:  A repeat of lunch.

(image credit cocoon: papasan)


The EcoDiva said...

I'm so excited to follow you on your raw detox journey ;).

HippieMom said...

That's great! Looking forward to read more.

Eco Mama said...

Oh, thanks so much guys, your support means a lot to me!
Eco Mama

bitt of raw said...

Only 4 squares of chocolate? I woulda had the whole bar.

Keep us posted!

Eco Mama said...

Thanks Bitt, will do! (and it took restraint)
Eco Mama

Tough Cookie said...

Good luck!

Eco Mama said...

Thank you Tough Cookie.
Eco Mama

Crosby said...

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