Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Product Review: Organic Essence Vanilla Lip Balm

It doesn't get much more eco friendly than this. Organic Essence products are USDA certified organic, and use fully biodegradable packaging. This is one of the most environmentally friendly companies I've come across and I've been looking.

When I realized recently that the lip balm I was using was not organic (even though it said it was) and actually had some bad stuff in it, I thought I'd never find a healthy lip balm that I liked. Well now I've found two, Merry Hempsters and this, Organic Essence Vanilla Lip Balm.

A blend of coco and shea butters makes for the perfect consistency--I'm very picky about lip balm texture and find most way too oily. This goes on and stays on for a while, feels good and does an excellent job of keeping your lips soft. If your lips are chapped and you use this, within 24 hours you'll notice a big difference. The vanilla is a subtle but deep vanilla bean flavor, very yummy.

The packaging is innovative and as green as it gets. There's no plastic, it's made of recycled paper and soy ink and designed for composting at home. I don't think there is a more eco friendly lip balm on the market, if there is, please tell me because I certainly haven't seen anything like it. The contents are even greener. You don't have to worry about parabens, petrochemicals, toxic fragrance or preservatives. Healthy and minimalist.

All this and it's 20% larger than most lip balms on the market. Highest possible recommendation on this one. This would make an awesome present for any greenies you love, and for yourself. Can't say enough good things. You can find it HERE.


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