Monday, August 3, 2009

Heathy Hibiscus

One of my favorite summer drinks is the fruity, slightly tart, totally unique Hibiscus Cooler. Just brew some hibiscus tea, add tons of ice, and pour a little maple syrup over the top. Mmmmmm, divine! There are more reasons to drink hibiscus tea besides the fabulous taste and the sparkling garnet good looks--this exotic flower is good for you too.

Hibiscus tea is cooling--enough so that it helps with hot flashes and fevers. Hibiscus contains vitamin C, antioxidants and studies have shown that hibiscus can aid in lowering both high blood pressure and cholesterol. Always check with your doctor.


Susan Powers said...

Beautiful site! I was very happy to put you on my blog roll! Really looking forward to your posts.


Eco Mama said...

Thank you Susan, I'm very flattered. love your inspiring and beautiful site. Welcome!