Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School Organically with MIMI THE SARDINE

"Eat. Spill. Be Happy," says Mimi the Sardine, one of the most refreshing (even though they've been around a while) eco-kid friendly companies out there.

On my quest for green back-to-school stuff, I've discovered the perfect backpack for my four year old son. It's the Propeller Backpack and it is totally different from what you've seen before. Mimi the Sardine backpacks come in different colors and patterns and have got to be the ultimate backpack for pre-schoolers.

Healthy and low maintenance, it's so cute you won't believe it. Made with Organic cotton that's Oeko-Tex certified (no nasty chemicals to worry about like PVCs, lead, etc.), and coated with water based acrylic for easy cleanup, you can just wipe it off or throw it in the wash. There's a loop at the top for hanging easily on a hook or door knob, the design is simple but well thought out and stream lined.

It's the perfect size for the content a little one would have, i.e. mainly lunch, water bottle, book, etc., but I would carry this myself. I hope they start making them for adults. Mimi the Sardine is an eco friendly company with a wonderful bright color palate and fun graphics. Check out their awesome website HERE.


The EcoDiva said...

So cute AND eco friendly!! I would totally carry this myself.

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