Monday, July 20, 2009

Book Review: FEEDING THE WHOLE FAMILY, by Cynthia Lair

As the title suggests, along with the enticing Nikki Mcclure artwork on the cover depicting a child participating in the cooking process, Feeding the Whole Family, by Cynthia Lair, is a kid friendly cookbook. From the forward by Mothering Magazine's Peggy O'Mara, to the accessible and practical content, moms will find straight forward information and recipes to nourish their little ones. There is a chapter about "Raising Healthy Eaters," wherein Lair gives tips on being a good role model, not using food in a punishment-reward context, and what to do when your kid "won't eat vegetables." There are also a sections on lunch box meals, and what to feed babies.

I have been eating a whole foods diet for so long now, sometimes it's hard to remember that not everyone eats this way. For those that don't, this would be an excellent primer. Those that do will appreciate this book's simplicity and unassuming tone. I've tried several recipes with success, with the Coconut Peanut Sauce ranking as my favorite so far.

Feeding the Whole Family is Not vegetarian, but leans heavily in that direction and includes many vegan recipes. There are also plenty of options for those that prefer Gluten Free food. Of course I wish it were vegan and I wish it had photos but overall I think this is one of those cookbooks that will be heavily worn in no time.

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