Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blue Fish: Fabulous Organic Clothing Perfect for Summer

The energy that creates beauty is eternal.  Blue Fish began as a dream.  A desire to dress individually and expressively.  Blue Fish endeavors to reach out, to inspire, and to connect people through the philosophy which is expressed and shared through the clothes we make."  --Jennifer Barclay

I'm always on the lookout for fashionable, quality organic clothes.  Blue Fish clothing really stands out as being very original and it's current collection is perfect for summer with its loose fitting styles and light weight eco friendly fabric.

Blue Fish was born years ago, when founder Jennifer Barclay began making clothes in her parents' garage.  Her company really took off in 1986, and has been completely organic since 1995, apt for a designer who draws much of her inspiration from the natural world.
The fabric is soft and durable, the colors are saturated and earthy and the designs are unique.  Check out the Blooming Tunic.  It's long enough to be worn alone as a dress, or works great with leggings or pants such as the Petaloon It's perfect for wearing to the Farmers' Market on a sunny day with a big sun hat, puttering around the garden, or out to dinner.  

Clothing should be as comfortable as it is beautiful and Blue Fish gets this totally.  These are not clothes you are in a hurry to change out of when you get home--you could sleep in them they are so comfy.  The clothes coordinate, so with a few pieces you have many outfit options.  I also love the layered look, and Blue Fish clothes are meant to layer and combine to fit many different moods and looks.

Those with a creative sipirit will appreciate the originality of these clothes.  Most offer the option of a hand stamped design and while I prefer plain, I think many will enjoy the whimsey of the interesting symbols and designs of the stamps as wearable art.  Everything is made locally in the US by artisans and moms.  Find them HERE.


邱詠陳建霞吉 said...

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Tough Cookie said...

COMFY! Don't you just want to wrap yourself up in that??!?!

Green said...

Organic natural clothing is made of all-natural, non-synthetic materials and is a part of the organic agriculture movement. This movement emphasizes farming and processing that work with nature and help minimize air, soil and water pollution.

Mark said...

I would love to try this one. free samples