Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey Moms of Boys! Check out this easy Summer haircut.

I came to this quite by accident, but I'm happy to have discovered this no maintenance summer haircut for my son.  After my five year old cut his own hair unbeknownst to me and with those children's craft scissors (it wasn't pretty), I thought, why not just do the clipper thing and give him the buzz cut.

This Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper fits the bill entirely. I've never used these before and was pleasantly surprised to find that they couldn't be easier to use.  You just pick one of the combs based on how short you want the hair to be, then run the clippers through the hair. So easy and very quiet.

Two seconds after he's out of the water, my son's hair is dry which is nice in our climate where it can go very quickly from sunny and warm to chilly.  It's practical and looks cute.  The clippers are very well made and I can't imagine having to buy another one ever.

And how eco friendly not to have to drive to the barber or salon, this way you have an appointment whenever you like and for free.  Great for kids but would also be good for anyone wanting this cut.  Find them HERE.

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