Wednesday, July 21, 2010

K9 and Doggles: Eyewear for Dogs

Summer sun can be bright for dogs too, Doggles offers sunglasses made just for dogs.  And if the dog doesn't mind, they're good fun.

Doggles are the only company that make eyewear specific to dogs.  The bridge of the nose is wide to fit a dog's nose and there are adjustable straps to fit around the head and ears.  They are well made from eco friendly recycled materials.

Doggles provide protection from sun, wind and debris.  How do you get your dog to wear them?  They suggest putting them on outside where it's bright because the dog probably won't like wearing them indoors where it would be harder to see, only leave them on for a few minutes at first so the dog can get used to them, reassure that it's okay and try not to let the dog paw at the glasses.  After a few tries most dogs are willing to wear them.

There are two versions with many size and color options of each.  One is the K-9 which are more like sunglasses, and the other are Doggles which are more like goggles and are modeled after sport goggles.

The Doggles are the more hard core of the two, offering more protection.  If your dog likes to poke his head out the window or rides on a bike or side car, these would be great.

Find them HERE.
Image Credit: Kendall