Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed Mini for Summer Travel

Traveling with the pooch? The Sleepypod mobile pet bed will take your best friend from the house to the car to the plane and hotel in comfort and style.  What a great idea, a three in one product that serves three functions--carrier, car seat, bed.  Not only this, but it looks cool.  Very modern and innovative.

The mini makes a cozy bed for smaller animals.  It has a plush furry liner that may be removed for washing or for a cooler environment.  There's a handle and a shoulder strap and it fastens into the car with a seatbelt to keep your companion animal safe.  They have even done crash tests to ensure the safety of the Sleepypod, which I find impressive.

I like that the animal has good visibility and love the cozy nestlike space which would probably be a comforting haven during travel, especially if it's been used at home for a bed.  There is a larger size (the original medium), but the mini will fit under airplane seats.  There are several informative videos on the Sleepypod website which demonstrate how easy it is to use.

We tried the mini and it worked great.  Our dog was happy to curl up and sleep in the soft furry bed, and I find the mini to be maneuverable and enjoyable to use. Find it HERE.