Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

I started getting religious about brushing and flossing my teeth over a decade ago when I took my then-dog to the vet.   The veterinarian told me that I could extend my dog's life by keeping his teeth clean.  The vet explained that the plaque that builds up on the teeth ends up in the bloodstream causing arterial plaque and heart disease.  And I immediately thought, well if it works for dogs, it probably works for us too.

It was a vet that educated me on this--a vet.  Shouldn't I have known from my doctor or dentist?  Many years later I began to hear about it in the mainstream as a proactive thing for humans to do for their arterial health.  Well it's true, if we keep our teeth clean, it extends our life.

My current dentist highly recommends Sonicare.  After years of brushing and flossing habitually, my teeth are pretty clean.   But I was curious about the electric toothbrush everyone raves about, so I tried it.  My favorite part is the gum massage you get.

The brush is said to blast plaque off your teeth, but I think you can do just as well with a toothbrush, if you are committed.  The Sonicare does make it fun and takes very little effort.  For people who don't like to brush, I think it would be a great incentive.  It would be wonderful for someone with arthritis, older folks, and kids.  Also, they tell you your teeth will get whiter and I think mine actually did.  The charge holds for a long time, about two weeks.

It feels weird at first, almost deal breakingly weird.  But you get used to it after a couple of times and then it feels fine and even soothing.  When you're done, your teeth feel super clean.  Find it HERE.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I have written down so much! :)

Eco Mama said...

Thank you Joy, come back any time!
Eco Mama

The EcoDiva said...

Just got mine as an early Mothers Day Gift from MY MIL ;))) YAY clean teeth.

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Unknown said...

Electric toothbrushes are one clever invention that changed the dental market during the mid 90's.It is still clear to me that many people has taken time to grab one of these on the market shelves upon its boom. I remember I had to consult my decision making with our Orthodontist. Cookeville TN's local awareness of the toothbrush reached the conservative dentists, but surprisingly, it was they who first accepted and embraced the new thing, (including our family dentistry-Cookeville) to the point of endorsing it to older people who did not have the chance of brushing themselves- especially the old ones with arthritis and bone problems, that doing brushing alone is a luxury.