Monday, February 11, 2013

JUSTIN'S NUT BUTTER: Chocolate Hazelnut

Every year around Valentine's Day, I talk about chocolate.  And it's often heart shaped or something that comes in pink or red packaging.  This year, it's not.  It's chocolate, and it's wonderful, but it's not in a colorful wrapper.  It's Justin's Nut Butter, in Hazelnut (which is a little bit heart shaped now that I think of it) and it's so good that's what I'm recommending this year for a Valentine's Day treat.

It comes in a jar, like other nut butters, but what I really love is that it also comes in packets.  And these packets help you to not knock off a half a jar in one sitting, and they go everywhere with you.  In the gym bag, in your backpack, in your suitcase, and even on the plane (they're under 3.4 oz and you have to count them as part of your liquid allotment, but it works great for in-flight snacking). 

It's a little bit too delicious, be warned.  That's why the packets are such a great idea, you can keep better track of how much you eat, and they are just the right amount to calm a hungry stomach, or stabilize blood sugar when you lose track of time and you need a pick me up away from your healthy kitchen.

The Hazelnut Butter is wonderful, and I thought that one would be my favorite, but I think the Almond Butter is just as good.  They both have a grainy salty sweet thing going on that is irresistible and crazy good.  The only thing that would make this better is a full on organic certification (though they do use some organic ingredients).  

This year for Valentine's Day, here's something different to try, either for gifts (would be perfect to slip inside a Valentine) or treat yourself.  If you want to dress up the label, take a red sharpie and draw a heart around the hazelnut, why not?  Find it on HERE  on Amazon, or in your local stores like REI and your co-op.