Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Got some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket?  Or perhaps you need some rockin cool boots for New Years?  You have to check out El Naturalista .  They are a Spanish shoe company that uses recycled and eco friendly materials and operates under a beautiful philosophy of respect for Mother Nature, world cultures, and life.  They are very artful in their methods and their designs are refreshing and colorful.  And most of all, from my experience, they are super comfortable.

These Iggradasil Boots were inspired from Nordic legend.  Each line by El Naturalista is taken from global mythologies, folklore and art.  The Iggradasil line harkens back to the Tree of Life.  Apparently in Finnish lore, the gods once planted a giant ash tree whose roots encompassed the world.  How they got these cool boots out of that story I can't tell you, but I love it.

The heel gives you height while adding extra cush, they are not boots you want to take off. They are utilitarian while still being sexy.  These are not clunky boots, and would be great with skirts and dresses and those who like a more feminine boot.  But they're not too feminine--they're really just right.

The outsole has an interesting texture and it's made from recycled industrial waste.  El Naturalista uses what they call a Frog Shock System to absorb impact and it works.  I like the contrast created by this flecked material and the body of the boot.

The leather is treated with river rocks and in an ecologically conscious manner.  If you look closely, you will see variations in the grain from this natural process.  These boots zip on the side and also have laces in the back so you can customize your fit.

If you need them for a New Year's party, you can find them on Zappos (currently on Sale I might add) and get them in plenty of time.  Have a look HERE.