Friday, December 9, 2011

Allsop Eco Friendly Solar String Lights

Are you going to decorate your yard for the holidays this year?  Check out these fabulous Aurora Solar Lights from Allsop.   Probably the most eco friendly lights I've ever seen, the beautiful globes are made from hand blown glass.  Not plastic!  Each one is unique and casts a magical glow.

The lights are attached to a clear wire and they give a generous space between the lights and the solar panel so you have many options as to how you want to configure them.  You just place the lights where you want them, stake down the solar panel (or secure it it in a tree or whatnot) so that the panel can get light, make sure they're turned ON and voila!  When the sun goes down, you have festive lights.

They come in different colors and they also come with copper hooks so you can really get that placement the way you want it.  They are so much prettier than the new plastid LED lights, don't you think? I think they are perfect for the holidays, and they'd also make a fabulous gift under the tree.  Find them HERE.