Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thule Modernized RACEWAY Bike Rack

Thule's new trunk mount bike rack, the RACEWAY, is a huge departure from traditional trunk racks.  This is a much more sophisticated version of the older mounts with features previously found only in hitch mounts.  Using only four retractable cables (other trunk mounted racks typically use six straps), the rack is very straightforward and its aerodynamic shape gives it a sleek modern look. 

Installing the rack is very easy, it comes out of the box ready to use.  The Thule exclusive FitDial allows you to customize the rack to your car with predetermined settings.  Just find the cooresponding number appropriate for your car, and strap it on, ratcheting the cables tight with the beefy knob on the side.

There are no loose straps to blow around, everything is nice and streamlined.  There is a locking cable to keep the bikes secure and there's also a secondary lock to keep the rack from being taken off the vehicle.  Thule's No Sway Cage keeps bikes from rubbing up against each other or from touching the car.  The arms fold down when not in use and the whole rack folds flat when you need to store it. 

The Raceway is a versatile rack designed to fit a wide variety of cars from hatchbacks, to sedans and minivans.  The narrow arms of the carrier will fit most frames including odd and child size frames.  Remember to get an adapter if you are transporting a women's bike that doesn't have that cross bar since it will need that for leverage.  I would not hesitate to use this rack on a very expensive car as the generous rubber padding on either end provide stability as well as protecting the surface from scratches.  The Raceway does not rattle around, it's a very sturdy premium rack.  It comes in two and three bike versions, and you can find it HERE.