Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Multifunctional Coleman 4 in 1 Packaway Table

Stuff that serves multiple functions are both space saving and carbon footprint reducing.  That's a necessary win-win in my book.  Coleman's 4 in 1 Table is perfect for camping and home use--and it has four different configurations, taking the place of several pieces of furniture.  On top of that, it folds up for easy storage and takes very up little space.  This is perfect for the minimalist who needs their stuff to do several jobs while remaining low profile. 

While camping, it's great for food prep, night stands, picnic table, or even coffee tables around the camp fire which is nice for little kids who can't always hold stuff on their laps.  You can use it to set up a buffet indoors or out, you can use it as a make shift office, an extra table during the holidays, a craft table for kids, in the bedroom, the bathroom, anywhere you can think of.  Because you can adjust the leg height, you have so many options.  You can use it as one square table, two separate tables, or one long table, all of set to the height you need. 

I wish the table tops were also aluminum like the rest of the table.  That would keep them light weight and would probably make them last longer.  As it is, the tops are mdf, which some feel is an eco friendly material because it's made from wood that might otherwise go to waste.  I'm not a big fan of mdf due to the glues that are often used to hold it together.  I'm not sure what was used here, but if the table is outside, it's of less concern to me since it will be out in the open for any off-gassing, also there is absolutely no smell emitting from this table and I am a major stickler for this.

They did put a funky neo-retro looking design on the top of the table, which is fun and looks good, really modern and hip a la CB2. This was so smart, you don't have to cover them up to hide an ugly design or color. 

The whole thing is very smart.  It's easy to set up and tear down--literally seconds--and it's easy to clean.   I highly recommend this versatile table.  Find it HERE.