Monday, July 25, 2011

Tub Trugs: Colorful Multifunction for Your Organic Garden and Beyond

Tub Trugs are fabulous for the garden.  I use them to weed, to transplant, to temporarily hold starts, to water...and to look beautiful out and about.  The bright colors are cheerful to see and set a fun tone in the back yard and inside.  I love them in the house for laundry, toys, camping gear, car or bicycle washing, arts and crafts, the uses are endless.  You can even drill holes in the bottom and use them as planters.

For me, you can't have too much color when it comes to utilitarian items.  Color affects mood, and when you're trudging round the garden, it's nice to have that bright color to sort of give you a boost.  I'm super tired of the same old boring colors you find--mainly forest green and that horrid beige.  These scream life, action, energy!  They're eye candy.  So they had me at first sight with the color.

But then they sealed the deal with function.  They're food grade plastic, are UV and frost protected so they won't break down in the sun or cold, are flexible but super strong, and come in many gorgeous colors.  They're so well made, you buy them once, but I recommend a variety of sizes for all the different functions you can think of.  They stack nicely and are easy to store when not in use.  Find them HERE.