Friday, July 1, 2011

Ellington's Amelia IN-FLIGHT TOTE: Carry On Perfection

For years I have been on the lookout for the ideal carry on for the plane.  Not the luggage carry on, but the "personal item" carry on.  Ellington's Amelia In Flight Tote more than fits the bill, I'm so excited to have discovered it!

There's a million pockets, for one thing.  Places to put your phone, your ipod, your sunglasses, snacks, wallet and travel documents, umbrella, magazines, pretty much whatever you want.  Four of the compartments have magnetic closures (I love those) making it easy to open and close and keeping your stuff secure.  There is a hook for your keys and an optional shoulder strap so you can wear it two ways.  The hardware is silver which adds to the bag's good looks. 

The main compartment zips and there is another zipped compartment inside.  I love the bottle holder on the inside--usually you find those on the outside.  Moms will appreciate the washable nylon and abundant space for kid stuff.  It has the optional opening in the back so you can slide it right over the handle on your wheelie bag. 

It makes a perfect in flight tote indeed, but I think it would also be wonderful for other purposes.  Commuting to work, for instance, or a train or car trip.   Any time you want to take a minimalist approach to what you have with you travel-wise, this is a great way to maximize your minimalism.   This tote and a carry on wheelie bag is all you need for a trip lasting two days to two weeks.  The classic design and high quality construction will make this a lasting staple.  It comes in different colors, but I always opt for black, particularly for air travel.