Friday, November 19, 2010

My Dog's Favorite Toy (it's organic!)

This goofy looking dog toy called Precious Pat by Woof Wear is my dog's favorite, and she has a bunch.  We've had it a couple of months and she has pulled and tugged and chewed and it looks pretty much new.  She plays with it all the time by herself and it's also a great toy for interactive play.  There is a sqweakie inside that gets her attention and starts the play between us and I can keep her going for as long as I want with this thing.  I can't believe one of the legs hasn't come off or at least unstitched with all the rough housing we've done.  She has sharp little teeth but has not made a puncture.  I should say the dog is a chihuahua, I'm not sure how it would hold up with a big dog, but I think it's made for small dogs anyway.

The toy is made from anti-microbial and anti-bacterial organic bamboo terry cloth and stuffed with organic cotton.  If you are going to buy one new toy for your dog, I encourage you to try this one, it's fabulous.  Find it HERE.

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