Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Labyrinth Balance Board from Fat Brain Toys

Here is something exciting in the world of kids' toys.  The Labyrinth Balance Board from Fat Brain Toys is perfect for indoor winter fun.  By combining physical dexterity with mental challenge, the Labyrinth will keep you, er, your child occupied and work out those core muscles without even realizing it.

My five year old has a ton of energy and this makes for a great outlet, it's also a good primer for the skateboard he wants.  You just place your feet on the anti-slip surface and surf back and forth trying to get the wooden balls into the center of the labyrinth.  It's really fun, for all ages, and you might find yourself vying to take turns with your child (much to their delight).

The Labyrinth builds concentration, coordination, and balance, increasing those motor skills.  The board is well constructed, made in the US, and has a hefty weight capacity of 275 lbs.  It's the kind of quality toy that could be passed on from kid to kid.  Not to be used indoors on hardwood or bamboo--use it outside, on carpet, or a protected surface.   Find it HERE at Fat Brain Toys.

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