Monday, November 15, 2010

Camping with Coleman

This year people are traveling more than last, however they are doing it by car.  People are also turning to the outdoors for vacations and camping equipment sales are up.  Camping is a cost effective activity appropriate for a wide age range that does the heart good.  Something fun you can do with your friends, your sweetheart, or the whole family.  You can make it as challenging or simple as you like, it's all about the gear you choose.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and many people have a few days off.  Wouldn't it be fun to go on a short camping trip?  Depending on weather, (in many places it's still nice enough for camping), it could be a great family getaway.  Check out this 8 man Instant Tent from Coleman.  Two people can literally sets up in less than five minutes, it doesn't get easier than that.  And it's huge.  Plenty of room for everybody and it even has the option to create two "rooms."  It's 10 x 14, 6.5 feet tall and has windows all the way around the tent so you get a 360 degree view.

When you have little kids, camping can seem intimidating.  Something like this simplifies the process and makes camping accessible to people who otherwise would opt out.  And though it's an eight man tent, I think it makes for a luxurious tent for four or even two people.  You can get creative with lanterns and color and make a very cool atmosphere.  This is a heavy tent and obviously not for backpacking in.  I think people who didn't think they were necesarily the camping type might change thier mind with a tent like this.
Coleman LED Quad Lantern
To make navigation around the campsite easier at night, Coleman has this new innovative lantern that breaks apart into several individual lanterns.  Great idea!  The Quad Lantern has a large base that holds 8 D batteries and provides up to 75 hours of light.  The lantern uses LED lights and the detachable lights recharge on the base.  I have several lanterns in the house for power outages and this one is the best.  Both items would make great holiday gifts.