Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best Last Minute Gift for the Beach Bum

Do you have a beach lover on your holiday list?  Who doesn't love the beach, right?  Well here's the perfect last minute gift--Dune Jewelry's Digital Gift Card.   Dune's jewelry is not only beautiful, it's meaningful, even aspirational.  Can't go to Tahiti this year?  Well, you can wear the sand from Tahitian beaches and transport yourself with a glance.  Even better--you've been to Fiji and brought back some sand.  Now you can have your own little time capsule.

The applications for this jewelry are as endless as your imagination.  I'm totally in love with this concept.  Dune Jewelry has the most gorgeous, unique and fabulous gifts for the traveler, the outdoorsy person, and people who appreciate the one-of-a-kind.   For people living in colder climates, how fun is that to have a piece of the beach for comfort all winter?   If your New Year's resolution is to go to Cote d'Azure, how cool would it be to wear the sand until the trip, like a talisman?

Each piece is custom made with your own sand that you send in, or from Dune's sand bank, with sand from all over the world.  It's solid, well made jewelry that feels wonderful in your hand.  It comes packaged beautifully in a box with a small description. 

While I think the presentation would be much better with the actual jewelry, timed just right--it's not too late to give an awesome and meaningful gift.  Get yours HERE