Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Amber Lotus: New Eco Calendars for 2014

Are you still using paper calendars?  I am.  I need the visual on paper I can touch.  Amber Lotus makes fabulous calendars all on recycled paper with non toxic ink.  They have a ton of wonderful options with a theme of do-gooding, living healthy, and respecting the environment.  I like those sentiments and enjoy seeing this imagery around the house.  It also serves as inspiration.  How about the graphically bold and colorful Green Patriot Wall Calendar which reminds you to vote for no gmos, grow your own food, bike for transportation, etc.  I love this for the workplace, or school where it can educate while adding to the decor. 

Simply Raw is a nice option for the kitchen, with gorgeous photos of healthy foods that look like master works of art. This is art--nature's art.  Recipes by raw food chef Matthew Kenney, like January's Frisee and Fennel Salad (with fresh basil and maple syrup) are an added bonus.  It's fresh and perfect to start the new year off on the right foot. 

Meditation is a daily goal at our house, and these soothing images and inspiring quotes from the Mediation Wall Calendar is a good reminder.  You can use a calendar like this to chart your progress, as well as Amber Lotus engagement calendars.  Those also work great for recording your physical activity, meditation, and eating habits.  I struggle with migraines, and I'm always tracking my food intake for answers, but even if I weren't doing that, I still like the idea of charting my food intake, just to keep on track and make sure I'm eating enough nutrient dense food. 

I like to mark my calendar for various things, like a green highlighter over the date for every day I drink my green juice.  Seeing a whole month of green dots gives me a sense of accomplishment.  You can do this with your meditation practice, your running or swimming, etc.  It's really nice to see it all add up at the end of the year.  These calendars would make a thoughtful holiday gift, find a ton of options HERE.