Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ibex Juliet: Autumn Must Have

Ibex has some exciting things in their new fall line.  My favorite:  the Juliet.  It's a top, it's a base layer, it's a jacket.  And it's Soft.  It has a figure flattering cut, and I love how the sleeves come down a little over your hands for that extra warmth.  I'm always pulling my sleeves over my hands, but this does it for me, and I like this better than the sleeves with the thumb holes.  Speaking of sleeves, the right one has a discreet goat logo, you have to look for it to see it.  I love how Ibex is not in your face with their logo, but if they were, it's so artistic and cool looking I wouldn't mind at all.  It's fun to find the goat on their clothes.  The neckline is also very flattering, and adjustable with the zipper so you can get just the right amount of warmth.  It's a full zip for more versatility, if you start getting too warm, just unzip, also giving you a bit of a cardigan option.  It comes in several great patterns (making me want more than one), I'm crazy about the patterned charcoal gray. 

So, aesthetically this is a win, functionally even more so.  Wool will keep you warm while wicking away sweat (great on the trail), and it won't hold odor (great for when you're on an adventure and can't do laundry for a while).  The weight is perfect, very light, but considered mid-weight.  I want more of this weight at 18.5 micron wool, it's perfect, and incredibly soft and cozy.  Ideal for travel, this is perfect for on the plane and will add very little bulk to your bag doing more than its share of jobs.  Ditto for any outdoors activity.  It's a peice that could be considered heavy duty function-wise, but it's heavy on fashion and femininity too.  Just perfect.  If you need something to get you excited about cooler weather, this is it.  Sizing runs true, I'm an 8/10 and medium is a great fit.  Find it HERE.