Friday, October 25, 2013

Clif Bars Seasonal Flavors

Clif Bars are back with a couple of new additions to their seasonal flavors.  First, Pumpkin Pie, just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving, perfect for the after dinner hike.  And next, Pecan Pie bars.  Yum.  I love pecans, so this is the bar for me, but I'll have to fight my son for it.  He's a huge fan of Clif Bars and they have seen us through more than a few potential disasters.  You know, when you're out and about and your child says, "Mom, I'm starving."  If you don't happen to have something on hand, things can go south pretty fast. 

Clif Bars are perfect to have in your bag.  These flavors are great for holiday hikes, road trips, the plane, and to keep in your purse for emergencies.  I think they'd also be fabulous in Christmas stockings for outdoorsy types.  They're hearty, 70% organic, and gmo free.  Find them HERE.