Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TAZA Organic Chocolate

Want something unique this Valentine's Day?  Check out these Mexicano Discs from TAZA.  They're cool looking and organic and taste great.  I LOVE the grainy texture of this chocolate which is stone ground chocolate.  I recommend the Salted Almond, made with organic almonds from California's Big Tree Organic Farm.  There is just something about that combination of salt and chocolate that makes me swoon.  Add some nuts and that sandy texture and I'm in heaven.  They come in different flavors and are available individually or by the case, I think they make a fabulous presentation.

TAZO incorporates eco friendly and socially responsible measures in their production.  I love their back-to-basics artisan approach to chocolate.  It's rustic and authentic and refreshing and really stands out  amongst premium chocolates.  Buy it locally (I just spotted it in my grocery store) and find it HERE.