Friday, February 3, 2012

PlugBug for your Love Bug

This February 14th, geek out with this fabulous new option for charging your Apple devices.  It really has nothing to do with Valentine's Day so much, but in opening the gift worthy box and examining this cool little accessory called the PlugBug, I realized it's the perfect gift for V-Day.  First of all, it's shiny red (like a heart, but also easy to find in your bag).  The presentation is elegant and sleek--just like Apple packaging.  In fact, if you didn't know better, you would think this was an Apple product.  I bet they wish it was!  I'm really surprised Apple didn't think of this first, but it comes from a company called Twelve South.

The PlugBug is brilliant.  It charges two devices at once and charges your iPad faster than the charger that came with it, and with less energy.  It works on Mac Books, iPhones and iPads.  Think of how awesome this would be for traveling.  You just need one plug at the airport or hotel, you can do a quickie charge between flights, and it takes up less space in your carry on.  It's even more awesome for international travelers as it doubles as converter for your Apple devices.

For daily life, it's a de-clutterer and simplifier.  I love problem solvers like this, and a cool design to boot.  If you and/or your sweetheart has Apple products, you need this.  Find it HERE.