Thursday, December 23, 2010

KEEN ALASKA BOOT (Still Available for Christmas!)

Need an awesome last minute gift?  It doesn't get much more last minute than this for online shopping--Zappos.  You can still get it by Christmas Eve if you order today by 1:00.  How about a pair of cozy winter boots?

KEEN is one of my favorite shoe companies, I love that they use recycled materials, that they are socially and environmentally conscious and that they make good looking quality footwear that lasts.  I'm not a person with a closet full of shoes, in fact I pretty much have just one pair for each type of weather/activity and that's it.  Keen suits my minimalist approach and a good third of my shoes are Keen.  I've had a pair of their boots for about seven years that I've put mega mileage on and they are not even half way through their life span.  This is one of the things I look for in footwear--longevity.  Yes I want my shoes to look cute, but they have to function.  They have to be super comfortable because I walk so much, and the tread has to last.

I don't know what is going on with me this winter but I just can't seem to get warm.  My feet especially, they're freezing, even with double layers of socks.  It is a colder season than usual, and supposedly it's going to get much colder with La Nina.  I say bring it on, I love cold weather and I love the snow, as long as I have the right gear.  Enter the KEEN Alaska Boot.

These Alaska boots are both cool looking and functional in the cold.  You don't need that peripheral pair of "snow boots" that you take off once you get out of the cold and switch into your more fashionable boots.   These may not be everyone's idea of fashion, but they look super cute with skinny jeans and they are not too hot to wear indoors.

They felt a little stiff at first, but they softened up after wearing them in the house for short break-in period.  They have great traction for snow and are easy to get on and off with that toggle and loops to hang on to.  Keens tend to run a half size small, so order up.   Give a functional gift that will keep your loved one warm, or treat yourself!  Find them HERE.

*note to my vegan readers:  While I am not a full on vegan, I try to always choose the most animal friendly option.  I am consistently torn as to which is the more eco and less cruel choice in terms of my shoes.  Are a pair of vegan boots (which--I've yet to find a functional pair for winter purposes) that are made with non biodegradable often toxic materials that are not eco friendly and are made with the industrial destruction of wildlife any better than a pair made with leather which is an animal byproduct.  For me right now, one pair of leather boots, particularly from a company like Keen or Patagonia which does so much environmental work is preferable to several pairs of vegan boots that didn't work out.

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