Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bella Dogga ORGANIC Dog (and cat) Beds

If I could afford it, and if it were available, everything in my house would be organic and sustainable.  I believe it's so essential to scrutinize everything that comes into the home to be sure it's safe for our families and animals.  The chemicals that cause cancer and disease in us have the same effect on animals.  It's important to make sure our dogs have bedding and gear that won't make them sick.  

Bella Dogga is a wonderful find for companion animals.  Their beds are completely non toxic, chemical free, and are made with beautiful organic cotton fabrics.  The filling is soft organic kapok and the beds are cozy and durable.  The cover is removable for washing and the piping gives it a rich finished appearance.  It's a very luxurious bed and the dog seems to really appreciate it!

They also make dog bed replacement covers  for changing the look, disguising a well worn bed or travel.

Bella Dogga beds and covers are made by hand to order.  They will work with you to make sure you have the appropriate size for your dog (I think they would be great for cats too), and they have that made-with-love feel.  Find them HERE.


Josh said...

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bittersweetblog said...

What an awesome find! My dog deserves a new pillow, since her current one is very deflated and shredded, but I had no clue where to turn. I'll have to look into these further. Thanks for sharing!

Eco Mama said...

Sure Hannah! Thanks for stopping by, hope you find the right bed for your pooch.
Eco Mama