Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cell Phone "Study" Motivates Me to Make a Change

They're trying to tell us that cell phones are relatively safe, but the so-called study from Interphone was not realistic and not conclusive.  They're saying cell phones may or may not cause brain tumors.  This sort of thing really urks me--they know cell phones are not safe.  They found that anyone using a cell phone for 10+ years has at least a doubled risk for brain cancer. "Heavy Users" have an increase of 40% risk. "There are suggestions of a risk."  What?

Children, who are much more vulnerable, are using them and this is unacceptable.  Another study, in Sweden, found that people who  begin using cell phones in their teen years and on into adulthood for ten years had a 400% increased risk.   At least allow parents to be educated enough to make an informed decision, don't whitewash the danger.  Men aren't even supposed to carry cell phones in their pants pockets because they kill sperm.  Does that not freak anybody out?

Bluetooth and speakerphone are the solutions that I keep hearing about, but for me, that's not going to cut it.

Bottom line for me--I do have a cell phone, but it's for emergencies.  On rare occasion (less than once a month) when I need to use the phone to connect with someone I'm trying to meet up with or whatever, I put the phone on speaker and make the call as short as possible.  I made this change long ago, so I'm okay there.

The concern I have is my cordless phones at home.  There are no conclusive studies there either, however many claim that though it's a different frequency than cell phones, it's still dangerous.  Some say they're even more dangerous.  So, rather than fretting about this any more, I am going back to the land line.  It sucks because I love my pre-programmed numbers, I love my caller id, I love that I can walk around a be productive while I talk (yes I know they make land lines with these features, but they are not the same at all).  This will not be an easy change for me, but it's worth it.

I am a technology geek.  I love technology, and I am in no way suggesting technology is a bad thing, I just want it to be safer.  And I want profit to take a back seat to the health of human beings.  I'm so fed up with this make a buck at all costs to the consumer mentality here in the US.  We all have to be so on guard all the time--it's ridiculous.  They poison our food, our water, our air, and on and on.  We shouldn't have to research everything before use--it should be standard that things are safe before going on the market.

Here's more info on cell phones:


EWG Urges Disclosure of Cell Phone Radiation at Point of Sale 

Cell Phone Radiation Report

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Jasmine Nell said...

What!! Omg! I am linking this on my blog. Again thank you for posting! I am busy as I am sure you are, and I don't have time to look these things up. Err I was just talking about how you have to look up everything now just to see if it is safe. Random: I was hoping you could tell me what was the best food processor. I am looking for that and a blender. I am all about being natural so if there is something better like a knife and a cutting board :P Please let me know :). Thanks!

Jasmine Nell said...

Sorry, I forgot to ask: What about laptops/computers? eep I am always on my laptop.

The EcoDiva said...

This is a great post. We just switched back to land lines after testing our cordless for EMF & realizing what a high signal it gives off. I hated the idea of my little guy talking on it...or us for that matter.

Now, we actually pause and talk on the phone instead of walking around doing 10 other things while talking.

I also make it a point to not answer my cell if I am driving and using my head set at all times.

Thank you for this great article.


Jenny said...

Landline is still an option. Thanks for your insights. By the way, this medical administration company might interest and help you in some ways. More power!

HiHoRosie said...

It is scary and I gave up my landline in favor of my cell 5+ years ago. The fortunate thing is I don't talk on it often. Bad thing I use the internet a lot on it. It's not at my head but I try to keep it away from my body or vulnerable areas. ugh. I will be considering a landline after I move just to be safe (for more than one reason). And I've heard laptops should be kept away from the body as well for the same reasons as the cell. Heard this?

Jasmine Nell said...

Yes. I just did my research. Apparently many things give off EMF waves: computers, light bulbs, microwaves etc. Like with everything in life, you need balance. I'm going to get bluetooth, and I'm going to try to have everything unplugged, at a distance, and off as mush as possible!

許冠廷 said...

如此活躍的文字, 妳好棒哦! .............................................

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for the comments guys! Jasmine, we are basically swimming in EMF! We just need to try to minimize our exposure as much as we can and try not to freak out about what we can't do anything about. Since I can control what goes on in my house, I do my best, but who's to say my neighbor's signals aren't coming in. I've been trying to unplug more and more and be more mindful of my computer usage and not hold it on my lap so much, etc. Some habits are harder to break than others. Much support and thank you all for sharing!
Eco Mama