Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Green Gift Guide: Costumes for Dress Up and Imaginative Play

What kid doesn't love to play dress-up? At my son's pre-school, they have many costumes available and the kids have a ball. We have started collecting costumes at home and it makes for very interesting and creative play.

If you have a child on your list, a costume is a refreshing present that fosters imagination. Aeromax makes authentic looking career costumes that will last forever they are so well made--great for passing down to the next generation. The Doctor costume is completely realistic and comes with a working stethoscope.

Fairy Finery is another great resource for costumes featuring fairies, knights and wizards. My son has one of their Wizard costumes and it is fabulous! Their stuff is hand made with love by moms, using non-toxic materials durable enough to pass on to other children for many years. Available online and in your local stores.

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