Monday, March 17, 2014

Dyson's Next Generation Fans: Just in Time for Summer

Dyson's Next Generation Cool Fans are out, just in time for summer.  Significantly improved acoustics, re-engineered air flows and a lower power motor makes the new fans up to 75% quieter and more energy efficient.

Just like the last fans, these are blade free and have remote controls (awesome for the bedroom) that magnetically attach to the top of the fan so they won't get lost.  Ten airflow settings and a new sleep timer make it customizable.  I love that these fans are super safe for kids and animals and that they don't accumulate hard to reach dust.  These are easy to clean and great for those with allergies. 

And--look at them, they are cool looking!  They are modern and will look nice in your room on par with functional art.  Find them HERE.