Monday, August 26, 2013

g.u.s. Bamboo iPad Cooking Stand

With the holidays right around the corner, and the ease of finding awesome recipes on Pinterest, the Bamboo iPad Cooking Stand by Great Useful Stuff would be a great addition to the kitchen.  The plastic cover keeps your iPad safe but still allows you utilize your touch screen.  I have a similar stand for my traditional cookbooks but find that I use my computer and iPad more these days for cooking.  It can get messy in my kitchen when I'm in a food prep flurry, and this keeps my tablet safe safe and sound.  If you like healthy food, you probably do a lot of your own food prep as it is increasingly harder and harder to find gmo free and organic food in restaurants.  Great kitchen tools like this make it easier and more pleasurable to make your own meals at home. 

Bamboo looks great and is a renewable resource for the green kitchen.  It accommodates various e-readers and tablets, not just the iPad and would make a fabulous holiday or hostess gift.  Find it HERE