Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just in Time for Summer: LUST FOR LEAF

Hot off the presses--I just got this in my hands just now or I would have insisted you pick up a copy for the Fourth.  Maybe there's still time to grab one locally?   LUST FOR LEAF is a fresh, sassy and slightly risque vegetarian cookbook packed with recipes for some inspired eating this summer and beyond.

Meals perfect for camping, picnicking, and potlucks but with some serious originality.  I haven't seen a cookbook come my way in a while that made me stop what I was doing and read.  Yes, read.  The prose is entertaining and it's full of glossy photos.  I haven't had a chance to try recipes yet but I will for sure, and most often you know by looking at a recipe whether or not you're going to like it.  First on my list (and on the menu for tomorrow) is the Watermelon-Strawberry Aquas Fresca (with cilantro) and I can't wait to try the recipe for squash blossoms.  V's let you know instantly whether a recipe is vegan while fabulous recipe titles and cool info-icons with drink and music suggestions add to the fun.  Amusing it is, but there's real substance here.  It's full of creativity and made me laugh while making me hungry.

The Kindle version is available now, but unless you have a color display, I'd get the hard copy for the abundance of photos on every page.  It's not for everyone perhaps, I've never been told to stir the shit out of something in a cookbook before, but it's raunchiness definitely gives it a unique voice.  And I think that edge just might appeal to some who otherwise might not be interested in a vegetarian cookbook.  It would be an awesome host/hostess gift if you're headed out for a Fourth of July party tomorrow (or any summer party for that matter).  Find it HERE.