Friday, August 10, 2012

You've Been Trumped

Finally, someone is calling out Donald Trump for his scumbaggary.  In the new film by Scottish director Anthony Baxter, Trump gives new meaning to the words "Ugly American" by literally and figuratively bulldozing over people who have a true connection to their land and homes.  It's not offensive enough that he does it here in the US, now he is doing it in other countries.
I'm sure this is the very smidgeon of the iceberg tip of what this raging egomaniac has done.  Poor guy is offended by the idea of a wind farm in range of his "greatest golf course in the world."  Golf courses are notorious for being environmentally unfriendly and his has been called one of the worst environmental crimes in UK history.
Painful to look at and even more painful to listen to, Trump bullies and slanders some good people including an 86 year old woman.  I am not surprised by this one bit, he is the poster child for the one percent that destroys whatever is in their path so they can live lavishly while the rest of us live with the consequences.  A Must See, find it HERE.