Friday, July 13, 2012

Three Things for Your Beach Bag

Eco Friendly REVO Sunglasses.  Check out these fabulous earth friendly sunglasses by REVO.  You would be amazed at how much clearer the world looks through these lenses, what a difference!  Everything is crisp and glares disappear due to the polarization.  How exactly this works, I am not sure, but it works.

This comes in so handy around water, and really cuts down on eye strain.  I love the Bearing sunglasses which are big and provide a lot of protection.  I'm actually sensitive to light and these glasses are a dream come true. 
Vapur Bottle.  The new Element Vapur Bottle has a different lid, a bigger, more manageable one that you can just flip open and shut. 
I think this is an improvement over the regular style because I can open it with a flip of one hand, there's no cap to fall off, and I don't have to use my teeth.

What  I love about these bottles (both styles) is that you can freeze them.  I keep one in the freezer all the time and it can double as an ice block in our cooler and I've even used it as an ice pack for an aching neck.  If you pack a frozen one, when it melts you have water to drink.  It's a great design.  After you're done drinking, you just roll it up and tuck it into the clip reducing the space it takes in your bag. 

Badger Balm Sunscreen Stick.  I am not a fan of most sunscreen, it's toxic and buns my eyes.  Even some of the more "natural" ones that you find at the co-op can be really irritating and not so natural.   The Badger balm sunscreens are fabulous.  They contain organic ingredients and don't irritate.  My favorite is the stick which you can rub all over your face (and your child's face) and it doesn't melt or sting your eyes.  Very convenient and not toxic. 

Image Credit: germeister