Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giveaway: Eco Strip

The Eco Strip Power Strip:
The Eco Strip is a power strip that allows you to conserve energy and save money by putting an end to Vampire energy drainage.  You just plug your computer into the powerstrip, plug the usb cable into the port on your computer, plug in your peripheral electronics such as printers, scanners, etc.  When it's time to power down, the Eco Strip cuts off power to those devices, no more fumbling around on the floor amidst a tangle of cords.  This is said to save you up to $150 per year, in addition to reducing your carbon footprint and doubling as a surge protector.

In their words:
"For some the motivation to adopt changes like this is their concern about doing the right thing for the environment, while others may be focused on the money they save. Even if you're primarily interested in saving money, EcoStrip is still a great option. "EcoStrip has created a revolutionary product that I am recommending to all of my green real estate investor clients," said Jim Simcoe, President of Simcoe Consulting. "This ingenious product saves money and energy while delivering optimal performance.
This is the kind of low-hanging fruit most green teams dream of, just plug it in and it goes. If only getting people to recycle was that easy."

The Giveaway:
 To enter for your own ECO STRIP, head over to Greenwala and just leave a comment.
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