Monday, September 26, 2011

Kelty Sleep Eazy Queen Mattress

For years I have avoided inflatable mattresses because of the PVC.  During the holidays last year, I purchased one for company and when I took it out of the box I almost fell over.  It was off-gassing so much I put it back in the box, took it back to the store, and that was the end of that.

When I heard of Kelty's new eco friendly Sleep Eazy Queen air mattress, I got very excited because it is PVC free and there is no smell.  You can sleep headache free on this one.  The chemicals off-gassed from PVC can ignite asthma attacks, migraines, nausea and all sorts of maladies, I'm so glad to see this option.  

Beyond that, the design is well thought out.  It's lightweight and comes in a small canvas tote bag with extra grab handles.  It includes a small rechargeable pump that works like a charm.   No batteries necessary--just plug it in at home or in your lighter outlet in the car and voila!  Instant bed.  You can have a queen size bed up in just a couple of minutes.

This turns your tent into an outdoor hotel room.  It would be great to throw in the trunk when visiting friends or pull out of your closet for your own company.  Find it HERE.