Friday, January 14, 2011

Meditation Must Have: Hugger Mugger Zafu and Zabuton

I've been meditating for years and think it's an invaluable part of life, enriching all areas.  However, I have not done this with any great regularity.  One reason is that it's difficult for me to wrangle in my energy, empty my mind and just sit still. 

Recently I discovered a wonderful solution for this.  Proper meditation cushions make an enormous difference in motivating me to sit.  Having a designated spot is very helpful, and if you are able to sit in comfort then you are more likely to want to sit and to stay there longer.

Hugger Mugger carries some very cool yoga and meditation supplies.  I'm crazy about their Zafu cushions and Zabutons. A Zafu is a round meditation cushion and a Zabuton is the flat rectangular cushion that that goes under it.  Sitting on the Zafu with your legs crossed on the Zabuton helps to align you spine and optimize breathing.

The Zafu has buckwheat filling which is removable so that you can customize your fit.  For me, it was perfect just the way it came and it molds to my body making it very comfortable to sit and taking the pressure off my lower back.  It has a carry handle and comes in different colors and patterns.

The cotton filled Zabuton is very soft and supportive under my legs and feet and I love the carry straps that also serve to cinch the cushion to utilize in other ways such as a bolster.  The cushion is soft and supportive under my legs.  The whole space created with the Zafu and Zabuton makes for a nice ritualistic spot and place to center your mind and body.

My little one has his own set and together we meditate, side by side.  I've told him that this is his safe place that he can have at his disposal to release negative energy or get grounded, and  I find the same for myself.  What a wonderful luxury to have this special space--if I had known how much it would strengthen meditation practice, I would have got meditation cushions a long time ago.  If you are looking to enhance your own practice or are just getting started, check out Hugger Mugger for some wonderful quality cushions.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those cushions look so cozy... Even though I don't meditate, I can see those being the perfect little seat while knitting, etc!

charlotte bell said...

I've been sitting on Hugger Mugger's V-Shaped cushion and zabuton since 1998. I absolutely love it! I sat on other things for my first 12 years of meditation, but the v-shaped cushion fits me just right.

HiHoRosie said...

Very cool! And the image of having your little guy meditating next to you just warms my heart! So awesome!

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for the comments guys, that v shaped cushion does look comfy charlotte.
Eco Mama